Books Published – December 2021

2021 has finally come to an end and we have published over 100 books this year. Here is a list of books published in this month. We have a number of books this month which are intended for the general reader.

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs Volume 5
Frontiers in Natural Product Chemistry Volume 8
Computer & Information Science
Computational Intelligence for Sustainable Transportation and Mobility
Machine Learning and Its Application: A Quick Guide for Beginners
Energy Science, Engineering and Technology
Vertical Axis Hydrokinetic Turbines: Numerical and Experimental Analyses
Life Sciences
Oxygen: High Enzymatic Reactivity of Reactive Oxygen Species
Frontiers in Molecular Pharming
Biochemical Mechanisms of Aluminium Induced Neurological Disorders
The Origin of Life in Fire and Ice
Animal Models for Neurological Disorders
Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Nanotherapeutic Strategies and New Pharmaceuticals Part II
Nanotechnology Driven Herbal Medicine for Burns: From Concept to Application
Physics, Astronomy, Optics and Photonics
Radial Basis Function Methods For Large-Scale Wave Propagation
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Architecture in Fictional Literature: Essays on Selected Works
Thriving Across the Lifespan and Around the Globe: The Day in the Life Visual Research Approach
Virtual and Classroom Learning in Higher Education: A Guide to Effective Online Teaching
Coronaviruses – Volume 2
The Fertility Promise: The Facts Behind in vitro Fertilisation
An Introduction to Nephroprotective Plants
Recent Advances in Molecular and Translational Medicine: Updates in Precision Medicine
Topics in Anti-Cancer Research – Volume 10
Stem Cell Delivery Routes: From Preclinical Models to Clinical Applications (Open Access)
Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Anti Infectives: Volume 8
Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Anti-Cancer Agents: Volume 8

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