Books Published – October 2021

Here is a list of recent books published in the month of October 2021. This month we present 8 books with a focus on medicine and biochemistry.

Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Advances in Organic Synthesis (Volume 15)

Computer & Information Sciences > Computing

Trends in Future Informatics and Emerging Technologies

Life Sciences > Biochemistry

Biochemistry: Fundamentals and Bioenergetics

Mind Maps in Clinical Chemistry (Part II)

These new textbooks provide basic knowledge about biochemistry for students.

Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics > Nutrition

Foods for Special Dietary Regimens

Medicine > Anti-infectives & Infectious Diseases

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – HIV: Volume 5

Medicine > Neurology

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – CNS and Neurological Disorders: Volume 9

Medicine > Surgery

Contemporary Endoscopic Spine Surgery Volume 1: Cervical Spine

Endorsed by 11 professional organizations, this first volume is the go-to reference on endoscopic cervical spine surgery for medical students and professionals.

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